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J. Peters

On behalf of the men and women serving these two beautiful communities, we welcome you to the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department. The Fire Department was created in 1996, with the merger of the Livermore and Pleasanton Fire Departments. Still rich in both cultures, the LPFD has become unified in its commitment to serve these communities as one, striving to enrich the lives of all who live, work and play in eastern Alameda County. The formation of this Joint Powers Agency has brought fiscal savings, additional services, and a significantly increased depth of service to both cities and the surrounding area. We work closely with all surrounding public safety agencies to ensure the most efficient and effective emergency services. By contract, we serve several adjacent county areas including Happy Valley, Castlewood, and the Veteran's Administration Hospital in south Livermore.

As you explore our web-site, you will see much about the present. We are excited to share our fire suppression, public education, fire prevention, advanced emergency medical services (paramedic) and many other life safety programs. You will also see much about our past, because a fire department's role in the quality of life is steeped in tradition. Please visit our Safety Education pages, where you can find classes and other valuable family preparedness information. You might also notice our "world famous" light bulb. Its guestbook has been signed, and its web-cam visited by people the world over.

It is good to have you with us. We are honored to serve you.