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Application for Permits

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The Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department (LPFD) participates in development activities in both Livermore and Pleasanton. LPFD reviews Planning Division projects, and reviews plans for and inspects new construction and tenant improvements.


New construction, tenant improvements and most repairs to and modification of fire alarm and suppression systems and hazardous materials equipment require permit approval and inspection by the Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department (LPFD).

All applications for planning projects and for most construction projects are submitted to either the Livermore or Pleasanton Permit Center. The Permit Centers routes permit applications to LPFD. The City of Pleasanton has an over-the-counter plan check process for small fire suppression and fire alarm systems. Permits are obtained directly from the Fire Prevention Bureau for:

  • Repairs to underground tank systems which do not require breaking ground or high voltage electrical work.
  • Emergency fire main repairs
  • Minor modifications, typically removal of one or two heads, to fire sprinkler systems.


Construction related inspection requests are made either by phone or on-line.

Inspections are scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance. You must request the inspection by 9:00 AM two days before you need the inspection. Inspection requests received BEFORE 9:00 AM will be scheduled 48 hours from the date of the call. Inspection requests received AFTER 9:00 AM will be scheduled 72 hours from the date of the call.

To make an inspection request by phone, call 925-454-2307.

Please Note:

  • Overtime inspections are only scheduled on an as-needed basis, based on availability. Call 925-454-2361 for more information.
  • Hazardous materials inspections are not scheduled using the Inspection Request Line. Call the Hazardous Materials Inspector handling the project directly or call 925-454-2361 of you do not know who is assigned to the project.

City of Livermore Permit Center

City of Pleasanton Permit Center